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History of the Galloping Goose MC


The singular term still used today, was because it stared as one person and one motorcycle, not as a club.  The original “Galloping Goose” was actually a motorcycle, which was owned by Dick Hershberg, named “Galloping Goose”.  He has painted the Running Finger and the name on the gas tank.


Around 1943 to 1946, Mr. Hershberg had quite a following of people known as the Galloping Goose or the GG Bunch.  They got together and went on weekend runs.  One member of the GG Bunch used to drive a Buick pulling a trailer with an outhouse on it at these runs, hence the outhouse on the Patch today.    The guys used to hang around at the Pullman Bar across the street from Union Station in Los Angeles and it was in this bar where the original Patch design was drawn out on a cocktail napkin by a famous Las Angeles artist “John Altoon” who was a friend of Dick along with the GG Bunch.


Dick also had a friend who worked at Broadway Knitting Mills and it was there the first Sweater with the patch was made.  The sweaters are still made there today and are worn by all GGMC members.   The design was initially a triangle worn when the Club was initially formed around 1949 to 1950.  There were 13 members at that time.


Prior to 1947, the club was quite well known for their hill climb runs which took place on Vincent Mountain near Bakersfield, California.  It was though these runs the club gained an invite to Hollister around 1947.  The club hung around with other clubs such as the Alameda Street Yellow Jackets, the Moonshiner’s, and the Boozefighters.


After the 1947 Hollister meeting, the club was down for a year until Pinky Pineda, Indian Frits, Jumpin’ Joe, Wino Willy Taylor, Slim Summerville, Rink, Sweet Willie, One Leg John Grey and Preacher Bob Smith formed the Valley Charter and along with the Los Angeles Charter members Jim Aubry, Little Dick Sherman, Charles the Mute, Pinky Pineda, Shaggin Chuck, Sam the Banana Man, Johnny Angel and Secretary Bobby Elliot merged together to become the So Cal Charter.